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    Plaswood Blinds - 50mmPlaswood Blinds – 50mm

    Plaswood is a technological breakthrough that combines plastic and wood into a composite material, creating a natural feel to your environment. The plaswood blinds look identical to real wood blinds and have the additional benefit of being fully washable and unaffected by humidity. Because these blinds are impervious to moisture and humidity they are ideal for the wood-like look in bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal areas. As the blinds are synthetic they are easy to clean and durable, plus they do not warp, crack, or split.

    Compared to wood it has higher tolerance to moisture and humidity and is perfectly suited to bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal area’s. Plaswood are a type of venetian blind that is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Our Plaswood blinds with a 50mm slat are the perfect addition to any home or office. We use aluminium head rails for improved quality of our blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan.

    Buying Plaswood Blinds Online

    Plaswood Blinds - 50mm


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    Plaswood Blinds White Price R529.00


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    Plaswood Blinds - White_Wash Price R529.00


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    Plaswood_Blinds_American_Oak Price R529.00

    American Oak

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    Plaswood blinds Walnut Price R529.00


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    Plaswood blinds Cherry Price R529.00


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    Plaswood_blinds Dark_Mahogany Price R529.00

    Dark Mahogany

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    Plaswood_Blinds_Metalic Price R529.00


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